Are you tired of dragging hoses?


When it comes to the lawn, every homeowner dreams of a vast expanse of dense, lush grass - like a soft green carpet, stretching in all directions. Too often, however, they get a dry, patchy nightmare of brown, crunchy vegetation. 

What should be a tidy and tranquil haven for spending time with the family becomes the hassle of hauling hoses and a field of frustration.

But Tilley Sprinkler Systems can put the dream back in your lawn while banishing the nightmare with a landscape watering  system that’s easy to use, easy to maintain and will provide years of reliable service.


Best Equipment

At Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping, we believe the best landscape sprinkler systems begin with the best equipment. That’s why we use:

  • Commercial-grade components to provide years of reliable operation.
  • User-friendly controllers with various options

Best Design

Our irrigation designer makes sure all of our sprinkler systems make the best use of the equipment to create your best lawn ever. That’s why we offer: 

  • Nationally Certified Irrigation/Landscape Auditor on staff
  • All systems designed by hand from measurements of your landscape
  • Design considering sun exposure, soil type and topography
  • Head-to-head coverage to prevent dry spots

Best Water Use

A landscape watering system by Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping can actually reduce your water use. We accomplish that by:  

  • Designing and installing the system for the correct watering frequency and duration
  • Setting up similar “hydozones” within a landscape to water together
  • Adjusting nozzles on individual sprinkler heads
  • Offering optional rain sensor that senses sufficient moisture and shuts off system
  • Providing low-water, low-maintenance drip irrigation systems for flower beds



Best Installation

We won’t destroy your lawn or landscape on the way to making it better. Our installation methods include:

  • Vibratory plow equipment to install pipe
  • Minimal damage to your yard
  • Plow lines that disappear within a month or less
  • Yards that look even better than before sprinkler system being installed

Best Service

We follow up our great landscape sprinkler systems with great service and repair. Highlights of Tilley service include:

  • Service to Central Nebraska, including Grand Island, Hastings and Kearney
  • In business since 1963, installed thousands of complete systems
  • Fully trained and experienced crews, some with more than 22 years of experience
  • Up to six technicians on any working day, performing up to 100 total service calls
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