Landscape Design

The ancients believed the world was made up of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. At Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping, we believe a great landscape should include similar elements, such as earth, plants, hardscapes and water.

Whether you have a lot of space or a little, whether it’s residential or commercial, the design team at Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping will combine the proper elements to make your landscape dreams a reality. 

A great landscape begins from the ground up. Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping can provide the following services:




The proper grading of topsoil can be an art that’s
very detail oriented. Proper grading provides several
benefits to the landscapeand homeowner:
    •  A smooth yard that’s attractive, practical
          and easy to maintain
    •  A slope away from the home that keeps
          water out of the basement
    •  Elimination of high or low spots that
          collect water
    •  Proper drainage of excess water off the

Tilley’s staff can help the homeowner choose sod or
seed, which variety of grass and what kinds of trees, 
shrubs and flowers should fill their landscape. 
Options include:
    •  Sod for an instant lawn, seed for an
          economical alternative
    •  Bluegrass for a more traffic-tolerant lawn, 
          fescue for more disease resistance
    •  Trees, shrubs and colorful flowers chosen  
          for appearance, environment and budget
    •  Privacy screening


Hardscape's & Lighting

Water represents the source of life, making it the
perfect element to round out your landscape design. 
Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping offers
water features large and small:
    •  Large flowing streams
    •  Flowing water pots
    •  Pondless waterfalls
    •  Fountains

The element of hardscapes and hardware, such as
lighting, can complement a beautiful lawn and plants. 
Tilley Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping can provide:
    •  Paving stones for walks, edging and patios
    •  Retaining walls and seawalls
    •  Professional grade and certified products
    •  Trained and certified crews
    •  Commercial-grade lighting fixtures and timers

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